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Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing

Jun 5, 2018

#009 Learn how to manage your own properties and put in place systems that will make it run itself. 

Where you can find Tom:

Tom’s Business Tips:

  1. Be real, be genuine, and honest as possible. Don’t fake that you are bigger than you are when you are starting out.
  2. Do the right thing. If there is a decision to make, always do the right thing. Look to help others.
  3. Be fine with making mistakes.
  4. Have the right people around you to help you build your business well.
  5. Check local banks that give portfolio loans which can have more flexible loan terms.
  6. Create systems to run your business without you.
  7. Get the current and previous landlord referral before placing a tenant.
  8. Put processes in place in your business and keep them all standardized.
  9. Find out your end goal that you want for your life and work backwards from there.


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