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Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing

Nov 27, 2019

As I continue to do my best to build my businesses, the thought of the P/PC balance comes to mind as my business gets larger. The P/PC balance is a principle that anyone can use in their everyday life. What P/PC actually comes from is the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey.

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I’ve wondered how I could keep my P/PC balance in the proper order. P/PC balance is a pattern of effectiveness that is in natural law and is all around us. P stands for Production and the PC stands for Production Capability. The P/PC balance comes into play when a person does not mange their time, resources, and energy well. This is when the P/PC balance gets thrown off. Let’s look further into how we can keep our P/PC Balance aligned well.

What Is the P/PC Balance?

P = Production

PC = Production Capabilities